Deluxe Portable Bathroom Hire Melbourne

We are providers of the most deluxe portable toilet rental in Melbourne. With a commitment to customer satisfaction and outstanding facilities, we have a 24-hour phone line and trained technicians available for every customer.

This cost-effective and convenient bathroom solution alleviates the need to relocate or find venues with a larger number of bathroom facilities. Our Little Bathrooms are extremely versatile and suitable for a range of situations, including providing on-site builders or medical practitioners with the finest bathroom facilities available. Little Bathrooms are also a great option for glamping, as no permits are required for operation.

For all Little Bathroom installations, we guarantee an easy, timely and professional setup. This will help ensure that you have the best facilities available to you, to help you feel comfortable and clean every day. Our luxury bathroom rentals are family-friendly and are connected to your on-site power and plumbing.

Luxury Portable Bathrooms

The Little Bathroom is a luxury, self-contained solution that gives you the freedom to maintain the highest standards of living, no matter your situation.

Where you require an additional or replacement bathroom, Little Bathroom is the answer.

Our portable ensuite hire allows you to cater for a large number of guests, ensuring top-class amenities for a range of different applications, including on-location filming or at home whilst you renovate.

At Little Bathroom Co, we know just how important the need for hot water and a clean, fully functional bathroom is. Our talented team of designers and tradespeople have collaborated to create the perfect portable bathroom pod, which comes equipped with a luxury vanity, mirror, shower, flushing toilet and more.

As a small family business, we appreciate the need to have access to a fully functional and comfortable bathroom space. Our innovative portable ensuite hire solutions give you the liberty to enjoy your space in a private, entirely secured personal bathroom pod.


  • Cost effective and convenient
  • Easy, quick and professional set-up
  • No permits required
  • Child and family friendly
  • Versatile and suited to a range of situations