A versatile and useful unit, the contained portable bathroom is suitable for a range of events and solutions.

When renovating your home, moving out may be inevitable for several weeks however there is no need to leave the comfort of your home with the Little Bathroom.

Situated in close proximity to your front door, the unit is ideal for daily and regular bathroom use. It’s the perfect solution whilst your dream bathroom is being created.

If you are holding a garden wedding or large family function and don’t want people trailing through your home to use the facilities, then hiring the Little Bathroom can eliminate those issues.

Compact but well designed the unit can be positioned close to your home/garden and give your guests a wonderfully designed and well-appointed bathroom experience.

Got family or friends staying with you but not enough bathrooms for everyone, then the Little Bathroom can be a lifesaver.

Offering all the comforts of a home bathroom, your guests may not want to leave!

We rent out the Little Bathroom to Builders who can include it in their service to their own clients for whole or partial home building work.

Save your clients the headache and stress and get the Little Bathroom on site a day before the project starts.

Commercial uses of the Little Bathroom include on-location filming as a solution for actors and crew members alike.

The hot water showering facilities, backlit mirror and double power point will make hair and makeup a breeze.

The Little Bathroom is an ideal hygienic and sanitary solution for front-line workers.

i.e., Covid testing sites/medical specialists/immunisation sites

A great solution for pool parties, visitors will welcome the convenience of having luxury facilities close by to the fun.

With a twin shower system, plenty of place to hang towels and non-slip flooring there couldn’t be a better bathroom for this slippery event.