Bathroom Rental for Parties

Parties are a great opportunity to celebrate with the people that mean the most to you. 

Oftentimes, homes can’t keep up with the bathroom requirements of guests, resulting in long lines or heavy foot traffic.  At Little Bathroom Co, we’ve come up with a cost effective solution to this problem – a bathroom rental for your party.

Renting an additional bathroom for your party gives your guests more freedom to enjoy themselves without the stress of waiting for facilities. 

Portable Bathroom for Parties

At Little Bathroom Co, we provide luxury bathroom facilities in your driveway, so that you can rest assured that your guests are catered for to the highest standard.

A good party makes guests feel comfortable whilst they celebrate. 

The Little Bathroom is a cost-effective solution that provides guests with everything they need to quickly go to the bathroom and then return to the celebration. The bathroom pod comes fully fitted with:

  • Back to wall toilet
  • Wall hung vanity
  • Basin 
  • Round mirror with touch sensor light
  • Towel rails, robe hooks and toilet roll holder
  • Shower system
  • Shower enclosure with seat
  • Split System heating & cooling with remote control and self-timer


Our talented designers and tradespeople designed the Little Bathroom to save party hosts costs on renting out function rooms whilst ensuring luxury facilities for guests.

Site Requirements

The Little Bathroom is fully lockable and offers guests the convenience of bathroom facilities that are close to the fun. The spacious design and non-slip flooring help to minimise the risk of any accidents occurring in the bathroom, creating a safe bathroom experience.

The bathroom pod is the following dimensions:

  • External including the trailer: 4m long x 2.5m wide x 2.8m high – this is the minimum site clearance required
  • Internal dimensions of the bathroom: 2.5m long x 2m wide x 2.2m high

Please check your location carefully to determine whether you will have enough space for the Little Bathroom.

The Little Bathroom includes a Mitsubishi Split System (2kw) and a 50-litre pressurised hot water cylinder to maximise guest enjoyment.

Please note: As a part of our setup process, our technicians will complete an assessment of your site. If there is not enough space for the pod, the delivery fee will be retained from any refund offered.

Give your guests access to the best bathroom facilities with the Little Bathroom. To find out more, give us a call today on 03 9587 1875 or fill out our online contact form and our friendly team will be in touch.


What is the Little Bathroom?

A luxury self-contained bathroom unit, on a trailer, with hot water and fully flushing toilet. This portable bathroom pod is like a home from home with its permanent fixtures and fittings, it’s the best solution where additional or replacement bathroom facilities are required.

How do I know if I can hire the Little Bathroom?

Contact us to check availability and confirm the location and site requirements. We deliver up to 40kms of Mordialloc.

What does the Little Bathroom need, on site, to work?

Check requirement

How big is it?

External including the trailer: 4m long x 2.5m wide x 2.8m high – this is the minimum site clearance required.

Internal dimensions of the bathroom: 2.5m long x 2m wide x 2.2m high